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Ready to help you plan your next special event with 18 years experience involving the creation of new and exciting events.

We specialize in creating activities and programs that stimulate participation. Maybe it’s a band you need, or Karoake, a DJ or even a hypnotist—we can get them for you. We specialize in Catalina Island because we know it so well.
Maggie Maki  
Maggie Maki was born and raised In Hollywood, California and has been coming to the Island since she was a little girl. She attended Pierce College in the San Fernando Valley for two years majoring in Business and then married and raised three children. Before moving to the Island 10 years ago, she was in the Entertainment Industry for 25 years. She has always been the social chairman involved in the planning of the next party, the class reunion or a major social event.
Lidia Krasowskis  
Lidia Krasowskis has lived on the Island for over 20 years and speaks three languages fluently. Lidia also lived in Hollywood before moving to Santa Barbara and then to the Island. She and her husband have always been in business here on the Island. Lidia is the ultimate Hostess and loves to entertain. Lidia also worked for Princess Cruise Lines making arrangements for cruisers all over the world before moving to Catalina Island.Maggie and Lidia have been friends for over 15 years and have worked together for the last 12 years.
Catalina Meeting Specialists is a member of the Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau.

Member of the board for the Catalina Island Medical Center Foundation, Officio for The Catalina Island Medical Center Development Corporation, and The Catalina Island Women’s Forum.

We support by contributions to The Kern County Fire Department, The Avalon Fire Department, The South Fork School in Kern County, The Sunshine House for Battered Women, Santa Monica, California, Avalon Schools, The Catalina Island Medical Foundation, The Avalon Rotary Club and Avalon Performing Arts

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