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The Catalina Roadway Challenge

Each team of four will be given the Challenge notebook that will guide them through the roadways for the next two hours. Golf Carts are the mode of travel

Each team works together to figure out the clues and complete the notebook. Some sport type activities, scenic stops along the way including a visit to the Museum. Your guests will know more about this Island then most of those who live here. Everyone will receive a Certificate of Completion of the Challenge.

Pictures are taken of each team and waters and freshly baked cookies are part of the deal.

Build A Monster CAR
Teams will be formed and given all parts to create a car. We provide the tools needed, the Wheels, PVC tubing with connectors, and the base for the seat. Everything is ready to be designed into the car the team dreams up! It can be built hundreds of ways. Everyone will have a job-there’s artistry involved, engineering and creativeness. Drivers are chosen by the team along with a team member to present the finished car for judging. Yes, there are officials and judges on hand to add to the competition and fun.
Ingenuity, speediness and teamwork are all a part of this project. Then it’s time for the race. Timing, agility and cleverness are everything. This is a great teambuilding activity. We provide the officials, the finish line, the race flags and the “Field of Dreams” for the activity. It’s all on grass for added safety. Bottled waters are part of the deal to keep everyone refreshed and ready! This is a great team builder and fun at the same time. It requires at least 30 participants.

Brand New!!
This is our newest teambuilding event. Teams are formed and are given a bucket full of dominoes, blocks and other supplies. The goal: Line up the dominoes for the ultimate knockdown. Also, at the same time, use all of the products provided and create a unique design. Possibly involving the Company product with all working together to win the best challenge. Most dominos knocked down, best design, maybe best presentation of the Company’s product. Everyone gets to watch each team’s knockdown. Can be done inside or outside depending on time of the year.

“and escape the Island”

Teams are formed with all of the supplies needed to build a raft for the escape from the Island. The teams design their raft and a rescue flag. Then, hook up to their “one and only” kayak and take off out to sea to find their way to safety. May have to dig for their hidden message or food. Each team decides who is designing the raft, the rescue flag and who is pulling the raft out and who is paddling the raft and etc.
This is great fun and is a great team builder. Also, many variations are available so can be changed to fit your particular situation. Wetsuits are available on a rental basis if needed. Wonderful summer activity!

Crazy Kayak Race

Teams can be formed many different configurations. Each Kayak, however, has two members aboard. Races take place out at Descanso Beach with forward, backward, get out of Kayak, get in Kayak, circle round buoys and return to the shore. All participants are required to wear life preservers and are instructed on how to use the Kayak correctly.

The Miniature Golf Tournament

Our famous golf course is the setting for this competition with each foursome starting at a Hole-- a Shot Gun Start! Referees will be all on the course making sure everything is on the up and up. Some holes have special benefits for a “Hole In One” and other surprises along the way. Bottled waters are part of the deal along with all golfing equipment supplied. Blindfolded Holes are quite a trust issue with the other team members to get the ball in the hole.

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